Weather Update

Secondary School:
Due to the number of staff unable to attend and the health and safety implications, St Gregory The Great Secondary school will be CLOSED on Friday 2nd March 2018 to ensure the safety of students moving around the site.
Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause, it is not a decision that we have taken lightly. We expect to be open as usual on Monday 5th March. Please check this website for updates.


Primary School:
The roads around the school are very slippery and treacherous this evening and, as the snow is forecast to continue overnight leading to a worsening of conditions, we have decided to close the Nursery and Primary provision.
Our aim is to stay open but only if staff and students can travel safely to and from school. Due to the conditions of the roads, the Oxford Bus Company has had to suspend a number of key services and have not indicated when the service might be resumed.
I would like to thank all those staff who stayed on site at ASC today so that parents had time to get home from work safely. I am sure everyone really appreciated it.
Please stay safe over the weekend, here is a link to a great website with ideas of ways to have fun on snowy days:
I trust that all will be back to normal on Monday and look forward to seeing everyone back at school after the weekend.

Updated 19:35 – 01/03/2018