As a Catholic School, Chaplaincy and Religious Education is central to the life of the school. Our Catholic faith influences all the work of the school which strives to follow the gospel values of love, justice and concern for others.

Every day begins with a religious assembly or prayer in our tutor room. Mass is at the heart of our celebrations and is practiced regularly and on Holy days of obligation, through RE lessons, house system, parishes and year groups. Other forms of worship include reconciliation services, advent services, Benediction, Corpus Christi procession, stations of the cross and the rosary. Many acts of worship revolve around our Chapel which is at the centre of the school and is open for all to take the opportunity of a few minutes to reflect and pray.

Students are encouraged to join the Guild of St Stephen to become an altar server or to become a Chaplaincy representative relaying the liturgical and religious aspects of our school to the students in their form. Fund raising takes place in many different ways e.g. cake sales, non uniform days, sports and music events etc… to help the following charities: Fr. Hudson Society and Cafod.

The curriculum for Religious Education is varied and offers students many different opportunities to learn about Christianity with a specific focus on the Catholic faith as well as major world faiths. In Key Stage 4 all students will follow a full GCSE course and have the opportunity to take Religious Studies A level at KS5.

Retreat experiences are offered to all year groups. In Year 7 each class attends a religious education day organised at a centre away from school. These days are led by the Chaplain and are supported by the RE department, form tutors and teaching assistants. At Key Stage 4 and 5 students are invited to Solihouse for a 3 day residential. Parents have the right in law to withdraw their children from collective worship and religious education lessons. Parents should contact the Principal if they wish to do this or if they have any question about religious life in the school.

“The provision for Catholic education at St Gregory the Great is outstanding. The catholic life of the school is a particularly strong feature. Staff and pupils recognise the strong Catholic ethos and the expectations that go with it. Pupils develop an understanding of more responsibility, not only for themselves but also for others, and recognise that its basis is spiritual.

The leadership and management of the school are outstanding. The catholic vision is very strong and supported by staff. Governors are committed to the school’s Catholic ethos and provide effective support through the various link governors and the committee structure. The senior management team provides first-rate leadership. Leadership of the RE department is outstanding.

The school is well-services by the Chaplain and Lay Chaplain, who add to the strong spiritual life of the school. The school has an excellent commitment to community cohesion.”