CAFOD recently visited our school to run a training programme for sixth form students. We were also joined by year 12 and 13 pupils from Blessed George Napier Catholic School. The course was designed to prepare students to run a climate change campaign within the school in weeks to come.

The group took part in various fun, educational activities. One of which was particularly inspiring was a game that highlighted the challenges faced by family-run businesses in developing countries with an unstable climate.

The students would imitate the behaviours of these families and how they would create produce from their individual businesses and sell these onto the market. There would be many realistic problems that these families would face along the way such as natural disasters, drought, and flooding which would all cause problems for the businesses.

The students learnt how families such as those they were imitating, could easily fall below the poverty line from living in countries with an unstable climate and how this could prove to be fatal.

The sixth formers really enjoyed the visit of CAFOD workers and said they had learnt a lot throughout the course and were ready to run their climate change campaigns. A thoroughly successful day for sixth formers, staff and CAFOD.

group photo