DfES no: 931/4145
Name: St Gregory the Great, Oxford
Address: Cricket Road, Oxford, OX4 3DR
To find us, click here to see a map.
Tel: 01865 749933
Website: www.stgregory.oxon.sch.uk
Diocese: Archdiocese of Birmingham
LEA: Oxfordshire County Council


School telephone: 01865 749933
Reception Mrs Dawson ext: 201
PA for Dr McCarthy Mrs R Gelder ext: 206
PA for Dr Caseby Mrs J Merralls ext: 237
Examination Officer Ms R Ungpakorn ext: 223
Inclusion Manager Mrs S Kallay ext: 266
School Nurse ext: 201
Business Manager Ms G Paton ext: 143
Primary School Mrs L Heppell ext: 263
Absence (Yr 7-11) Mrs Whyte ext: 242
Absence (Sixth Form) Mrs Shields ext: 262


Senior Management Team
Principal Dr M McCarthy
Vice Principal Dr R Caseby
Associate Principal (Curriculum and Standards) Mr A Rees
Assistant Principal (Assessment and Progress) Mrs P Wileman
Assistant Principal Mrs C Haly
Assistant Principal Mr K Ahmed
Assistant Principal (Primary School) Mrs H Forder-Ball
Assistant Principal (Safeguarding and Inclusion) Mrs J Rose
Assistant Principal (Sixth Form) Mrs H Pallier
Chair of Academy Representatives Dr Pita Harris

If you have a pastoral concern please contact your child’s tutor or the Head of Year.

If there is a teaching or learning concern please contact the relevant Head of Department.


In response to parental requests we have listed below the pastoral teams responsible for each year group.  The name of the tutor group is the year group followed by either B,C,D,F, this corresponds to the House that the tutor group belongs to and finally the initials of the tutor.

If you have a pastoral concern, please contact your childs tutor. If you do not have their email address (check the table below), then you can contact the school office who will forward on your message.

You could also contact the Head of Year or Deputy Head of Year and can do this by email of by dialing the office and entering the extension number you require (check the table below).

Staff will try to respond to emails as quickly as possible and within 24 hrs, however obviously staff are teaching during the day and may be absent on occasions so any matters of an urgent nature should be telephoned in to the School office.

The tutor will be monitoring students’ progress both academically and socially; encouraging involvement, commitment, and high standards of work and behaviour and should therefore be the first point of contact for any initial concerns you may have.

The attendance mentor will be working with students in their year group who have low attendance and/or poor punctuality.  They will contact parents of students who we have concerns about, however,   if you have any concerns regarding your son/daughters attendance or punctuality please contact the attendance mentor linked to the appropriate year group.

The Head of Year and Deputy Head of Year will follow up any concerns of a more serious nature and liaise closely with their team of tutors.


All staff listed below can be contacted via email. The third column in the below table shows the first part of their address and all staff accounts end in:-
School Office 01865 749933 stgregory
Director of Learning/Progress Manager Mrs M Weston m.weston
Pastoral Manager Mrs S Mold s.mold
7BKPR Miss K Pratt k.pratt
7BTS Mrs T Shankaran t.shankaran
7CCF Mr C Foster c.foster
7CEP Mrs E Price e.price
7DLA Mr L Adam l.adam
7DTH Mr T Hutchinson t.hutchinson
7FMA Mrs M De Alwis m.dealwis
7FSDV Miss S Devereux s.devereux
7KAN Mrs K Anderson k.anderson
Director of Learning/Progress Manager Miss L Philips l.philips
Pastoral Manager Miss J Noonan j.noonan
8DGS Miss G Singh g.singh
8DLN Miss L Newell l.newell
8FEH Mrs E Hodgkins e.hodgkins
8FKM Mr K Morrison k.morrison
8BMCW Mr M Chen-Wishart m.chenwishart
8BPS Mr P Scott p.scott
8CJHR Miss J Hillier j.hillier
8CMG Mr M Genest m.genest
Director of Learning/Progress Manager Ms E Alexander e.alexander
Pastoral Manager Ms F Mwangi f.mwangi
9BKD Mrs K Doyle k.doyle
9BRM Miss R Millar r.millar
9CRA Mrs R Abbot r.abbott
9CVS Miss V Sundar v.sundar
9DDO Mr D Olde d.olde
9DRPY Ms R Payne r.payne
9FDN Mr D Nicholls d.nicholls
9FKBH Ms K Brooke-Hollidge k.brooke-hollidge
Director of Learning/Progress Manager Mrs H Denham stgregory
Director of Learning/Progress Manager Mrs Pillay Sayers k.pillay-sayers
Pastoral Manager Mr R Peach stgregory
Pastoral Manager Miss A Stroud a.stroud
10BEGS Mrs E Gillies e.gillies
10BEVS Miss E Van De Schoot e.vandeschoot
10CGP Mr G Price g.price
10CPWD Mr P Whitehead p.whitehead
10PH Mr P Holton p.holton
10EGT Miss E Gellert e.gellert
10DJT Ms J Tatar stgregory
10MPS Mrs N Fatima n.fatima
Director of Learning/Progress Manager Mr G Fourie g.fourie
Pastoral Manager Mrs C Barrett c.barrett
11DDH Mr D Hoskin d.hoskin
11DDJ Mr D Johnson d.johnson
11FATH Mr A Thornhill a.thornhill
11FZH Mr Z Hussain z.hussain
11BAC Miss A Coe a.coe
11BNU Miss N Uzzell n.uzzell
11CSA Mrs S Awanyo s.awanyo
11CAT Mr A Taggart a.taggart

If there is a teaching or learning concern to do with a particular subject, please contact the relevant Head of Department by email, as given below.

All staff listed below can be contacted via email. The third column in the below table shows the first part of their address and all staff accounts end in:-
Heads of Department Name Email
Art Mr J Cerioni j.cerioni
Business Studies Mrs R Lightfoot r.lightfoot
Critical Thinking stgregory
Dance Mrs H Denham stgregory
Design and Technology Mr N Humphreys n.humphreys
English as an additional language Ms A Kandzia a.kandzia
English Ms K McCabe k.mccabe
Food Mr N Humphreys n.humphreys
French Mrs U Akeh u.akeh
German Mrs U Akeh u.akeh
Humanities Mr C Skerry c.skerry
Law Mr C Skerry c.skerry
Mathematics and Computing Ms S Hussain s.hussain
Media Studies Ms K McCabe k.mccabe
Music Mr J P Sweeney j.sweeney
PE Mr P Wileman p.wileman
Philosophy Miss M Jelfs m.jelfs
Product Design Mr N Humphreys n.humphreys
Psychology Dr R Caseby r.caseby
Religious Studies Miss M Jelfs m.jelfs
Science Mr A Easton a.easton
Sociology Mrs H Pallier h.pallier
Textiles Mr N Humphreys n.humphreys
Theology Miss M Jelfs m.jelfs