If there is a teaching or learning concern to do with a particular subject, please contact the relevant Head of Department by email, as given below.

All staff listed below can be contacted via email. The third column in the below table shows the first part of their address and all staff accounts end in:-
Heads of Department Name Email
Art Mr J Cerioni j.cerioni
Business Studies
Design and Technology Mr N Humphreys n.humphreys
English as an additional language
English Ms K McCabe k.mccabe
Food Mr N Humphreys n.humphreys
French Mrs U Akeh u.akeh
German Mrs U Akeh u.akeh
History Mr P Scott p.scott
Mathematics and Computing Mr P Holton p.holton
Media Studies Ms K McCabe k.mccabe
Music Mr J P Sweeney j.sweeney
PE Mr P Wileman p.wileman
Philosophy Miss M Jelfs m.jelfs
Product Design Mr N Humphreys n.humphreys
Psychology Dr R Caseby r.caseby
Religious Studies Miss M Jelfs m.jelfs
Science Mr D Turner d.turner
Sociology Mrs H Pallier h.pallier
Textiles Mr N Humphreys n.humphreys
Theology Miss M Jelfs m.jelfs