Listed below are the pastoral teams responsible for each year group.  The name of your child’s tutor group is the year group followed by the initials of the tutor.

If you have a pastoral concern, please contact your child’s tutor. If you do not have their email address (check the table below), then you can contact the school office (at who will forward on your message. You could also contact the Head of Year or Pastoral Manager for your child’s year group.

Staff will try to respond to emails as quickly as possible and within 24 hrs, however as staff are teaching during the day and may be absent on occasions.

Any matters of an urgent nature should be telephoned in to the School office on 01865 749933.

The tutor will monitor students’ progress both academically and socially, and encourage involvement, commitment and high standards of work and behaviour. They therefore should be the first point of contact for any initial concerns you may have.

The attendance officer works with students in each year group who have low attendance and/or poor punctuality.  They will contact parents of students who we have concerns about, however if you have any concerns regarding your son/daughter’s attendance or punctuality please contact the attendance officer, Mrs Anita Whyte.

The Head of Year for each year group and Pastoral Manager for each house will follow up any concerns of a more serious nature and liaise closely with their team of tutors.

School Office 01865 749933 Email addresses: all end in
Year 7
Head of Year Mr G FOURIE g.fourie
7SA (Carmel) Mrs S Awanyo s.awanyo
7DH (Dominic) Mr D Hoskin d.hoskin
7DJ (Dominic) Mr D Johnson d.johnson
7AT (Carmel) Mr A Taggart a.taggart
7ATH (Francis) Mr A Thornhill a.thornhill
7NU (Benedict) Miss N Uzzell n.uzzell
Year 8
Head of Year Mr O’HANLON m.ohanlon
8MPS (Francis) Mrs M Pillay-Sayers k.pillay-sayers
8MB (Carmel) Mr M Szabadvari m.szabadvari
8CF (Carmel) Mr C Foster c.foster
8NH (Dominic) Mr N Humphreys n.humphreys
8MN (Francis) Mr D Hussey d.hussey
8KPR (Benedict) Miss K Pratt k.pratt
8TS (Benedict) Ms T Shankaran t.shankaran
8VMA (Dominic) Ms M Kaperoni m.kaperoni
Year 9
Head of Year Mrs K ANDERSON k.anderson
9EH (Francis) Mrs E Hodgkins e.hodgkins
9LNE (Carmel) Ms R Walford r.walford
9PT (Francis) Ms M Pillay Sayers k.pillay-sayers
9PS (Benedict) Mr P Scott p.scott
9RO (Carmel) Ms J O’Day r.oday
9ATB (Benedict) Mr Anthony Trimboli a.trimboli
Year 10
Head of Year Mr G MONKS g.monks
10RA (Carmel) Miss R Abbott
10KBH (Francis) Ms K Brooke-Hollidge  k.brooke-hollidge
10ML (Benedict) Mr Marcin Legezynski m.legezynski
10LM (Dominic) Mr Liam McCullagh l.mccullagh
10RM (Benedict) Miss R Millar r.millar
10DN (Francis) Mr D Nicholls d.nicholls
10RPY (Dominic) Ms R Payne r.payne
10VS (Carmel) Miss V Sundar v.sundar
Year 11
Head of Year Mr S McEVOY s.mcevoy
11JC (Dominic) Mr J Cerioni j.cerioni
11NF (Francis) Mrs N Fatima n.fatima
11SJK (Benedict) Dr S Jakoby s.jakoby
11VSC (Carmel) Mr R Strongitharm  r.strongitharm
11LVS (Benedict) Ms Elisabeth Van de Schoot e.vandeschoot
11JEM (Dominic) Ms J Mann j.mann
11GP (Carmel) Mr G Price g.price
Sixth Form
Mrs U Akeh u.akeh
Mrs H Bunch h.bunch
Mrs M Cadle m.cadle
Miss Ester Miralles e.miralles
Mr B Priest b.priest
Mr J-P Sweeney j.sweeney
Mrs H West h.west
Pastoral Managers Email address, ending in
Benedict Mrs S Mold s.mold
Carmel Ms L Budan l.budan
Dominic Ms D Jewell d.jewell
Francis Ms J Noonan j.noonan

If there is a teaching or learning concern to do with a particular subject, please contact the relevant Head of Department by email – Departmental Contacts