We are currently in a transitional stage where the new National Curriculum is now in place but students in our new intake have studied the old one. These students were assessed against previous criteria through SATs and teacher assessments, but will sit new style exams in the future, based on specifications which have not yet been finalised.

In view of these factors, and the need to work in partnership with other local schools, our Key Stage 3 curriculum and assessment during 2014-15 will take the following format:

  • We will adopt the new National Curriculum with modifications, where necessary, to allow for the transition from the old curriculum in terms of pupils’ knowledge skills and understanding. We will use the freedoms afforded by the new National Curriculum to broaden the experience of pupils in accordance with the gospel-derived mission virtues of our school: Wisdom, Integrity, Compassion and Justice.
  • Assessment will continue to use Levels, adapted for the new curriculum. We are aware that this is a ‘best fit’ interim solution, but also that parents and pupils are familiar with it. In the meantime, we will work to develop assessment with partner schools within Oxford City Learning and research models of assessment which are emerging nationally. Some subject areas will trial new forms of assessment. We will engage with parents & carers and pupils in evaluating these.

At Key Stage 4 and for our post-16 curriculum, we will continue to follow the curriculum described in the KS4 options booklet and sixth form prospectus, adopting new specifications as these are made available. Assessments will use grades as specified by awarding bodies.

If you have any questions or would like any further information then please contact us on 01865 749933 or email

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to St Gregory the Great 4 -19 Catholic School and what we hope will be a long and happy association between parents, students and staff. Welcome to our school; the only Catholic secondary school in Oxford City, and one of only two Catholic secondary schools in Oxfordshire. At St Gregory’s we pride ourselves on [...]