Students are invited to come to GCSE and AS/A-Level revision sessions over the Easter break as per the following table.

All students are to meet the individual members of staff at front reception and be escorted onto the site for the sessions. It is important that you arrive on time.

Year Group(s) Date Subject Time
Year 11  3rd April English 9am – 3pm
Year 12 3rd April Psychology 9am – 3.30pm
Year 11 3rd April Food 9am – 1pm
Year 11 5th April R.E. 10am – 3pm
Year 11/12/13 10th April Art 10am – 3 pm
Year 13 10th April Sociology 10am – 2pm
Year 11 11th April French 9:00 AM
Year 11 12th April Geography 9am-2pm
Year 12/13 12th April History 10 am – 2pm
Year 12/13 12th April Philosophy 10am – 2pm
Year 13 12th & 13th April Geography 9am – 2pm