Exams Timetable 2019

Please click the above to view the 2019 Exams Timetable, note that you will need to zoom in to be able to read it.

Exams Rules and Regulations

A-Z of Exams

In this document you will find the information you need to sit your exams.

Though if you have any further questions then please speak to Mrs Conway – Exams Officer 8:00 – 15:45.

Exam Results 2019

Thursday 15th August and Friday 16th August (if required) for GCE / Extended Project / BTEC.

Thursday 22nd August for GCSE.

Conference Room from 9am to 1pm.

These times can also be found in the A-Z document.

Exam Day

On the day of your exam there is a lot of documentation you need to remember, please familiarise yourself with this information in advance.

Written Exams

Onscreen Tests

Exam Room Regulations

When you are in the exam room, you are expected to behave according to exam regulations. Two exam posters will be displayed outside the exam room to remind you of these regulations.

No Mobile phone

Warning to Candidates 

GCSE Exam Contingency Day

In the event of national or local disruption to exams, the exam boards have designated Wednesday 26th June 2019 as a ‘contingency day’. All students must remain available until this date. The information is also available at the bottom of the Exams Timetable.

More information for Candidates

Please read the following notices relating to Social Media, Coursework, Privacy notice and NEA policies.

Information for Candidates – Social Media

Information for Candidates – Coursework Assessment

Information for Candidates – NEA

Information for Candidates – Privacy Notice