Gen Verde’s Tour of Great Britain – News to Share

Please click the below link to watch the Gen Verde tour of Great Britain video. Click “News to Share” in the top navigation and make sure you are viewing the page in English (top right hand side of the page).

This video has been shown around the world. We are so proud of our students who feature highly on this video.

UK Tour 2015 video

2015 Photos

Oxford Times – “Pupils give it a bash for their big show”


Students Involved

Alisha N
Cristie I
Elyse T C
Nicole D
Kate O
Rachana KC
Elton Q
Jayden C
Chloe L
Joseph R
Siobhan C
Luke S
Amy W
Emily R
Danilo L
Aisha K
Alana B
Annalisa M
Aoife CM
Carmen P
Fahima I
Lara L
Giada L
Jeante N
Adela H
Claire C
Cliona M
Niamh R
Pawel K
Tommy C
Aleksandra P
Emmanuel H
Angel W
Ellen R
Freya C
Julianna M
Kameca G
Leigh C
Jade B
Timothy R
Emily M
Caitlin S
Chelsea C
Dorothy G