Monday 28th May BANK HOLIDAY
Tuesday 29th May GCSE English 9:00-3:00pm
Wednesday 30th May GCSE Maths 10:00-2:00pm
Thursday 31st May
Friday 1st June GGSE History
A-Level Media

Maths Revision Session: Maths Revision on the Wednesday in half term (30th May at 10.00 am). Students will have the opportunity to sit a maths paper 2 in exam conditions, have a short break and then go over the paper to see how to guide their final days of revision. We will require pupils to sign up for this – details for this will be given out in tutor time.

English Revision Support: Y11 should make sure they check this weekend. We will share annotated copies of each of the Love and Relationship poems for any students that have missed a poem over the two year course. The Love and Relationship poems are in the Paper 2 exam on Friday 25th May.