Kate O’Donoghue (Y11) was nominated for a Catholic Young Peoples award for her work in justice and peace. She made it very far in the judging process, and on the 1st July was invited to the House of Lords to visit Dame Sheila Holins and others.  In the evening we were be joined by her family and a small group of her school and church friends (she did not know they were coming, its was a wonderful surprise!!) at an award ceremony with Cardinal Vincent Nichols among others! We could not have been prouder as we sat in the theater and heard Kates name read out as a winner of the Jimmy Mizzen Peace and Solidarity award (Google his name to find out why he was so special). The award was presented to her by Mrs Mizzen Jimmys Mum – a very emotional experience for all! 

We are all so thrilled that outstanding young people are being recognized for the incredible work they do! 

Congratulations Kate for this prestigious award and we look forward to the impact you will continue to have on our school when you come back in September for 6th Form.

For more information see http://www.millionminutes.org/2015/06/28/kate-odonoghue/