This term sees the launch of our new catering service, ‘The Kitchen at St Gregory’s’ managed by the
catering company, Caterlink.

As well as providing a new range of healthy hot meals and hot and cold snacks, Caterlink have
worked with us to improve the facilities.

Over the Easter holidays, the canteen has been repainted by Denton Builders, giving it a fresher
more welcoming feel. Caterlink have provided new serving dishes and utensils, their design team 3D
have brought in new hot and cold storage units and rearranged the layout to improve the queuing
system. Tills are now at the far end of the canteen, with a queue on the left for main meals and on
the right for ‘grab and go’ hot and cold snacks. Clear signage and menu boards designed by Prestige
Press complement these changes to create a modern school canteen.

In September, a second grab and go area will be set up in the kitchen by the rotunda which should
also have a positive impact on queuing.

As you can see from the before and after photos, the changes have made quite a difference. We are
confident that The Kitchen at St Gregory’s will become a welcoming hub for the whole school
community. We would encourage all pupils and staff to visit as soon as you can.