At St Gregory the Great we want to provide possibilities to open up the world to our pupils. All children will have access to lessons with specialist Music and Physical Education Teachers. All Children will be offered the opportunity to go on at least three school trips a year and to a Christmas Performance, along with the following outdoor learning guarantee to develop an understanding the wider environment through outdoor learning opportunities, by providing opportunities for our children to learn how to balance risks against benefits

Every Learner will have opportunities to explore adventurous activities, natural environments, farms and the countryside, art, and creativity. Below is a table that outlines how this might look. This will be reviewed yearly and may change based upon events in locality and interests of pupils.

Nursery & Reception

Years 1 & 2

Years 3 & 4

Years 5 & 6

Forest School All children will participate in ForestSchool each year.
ADVENTUROUS ACTIVITIES Explore the Playground Equipment at FlorencePark (zip wire)To walk up and roll down a hill. Walk and play on a beach.Go on a treasure hunt. To stay away from home for one night.Visit a castle prison cell. To stay away from home for four nights on a residential trip.
CREATIVE   Make a mud cake and create a petal potionPaint using their hands and feet outside. Create a circus act in our yurt.Make your own rock pool. Build a sand sculptureMake a sculpture outside using natural materials. Create a clay sculptureBuild a den or shelter.
PHYSICAL   Complete a circuit of a track using a bike or scooterComplete an obstacle course Make and fly a kiteCreate an obstacle course Skim a stoneClimb a tree Build a fireCook on a fire
THE COUNTRYSIDE Cook with farm ingredientsMini-beast Hunt Visit a dark cave.Fruit picking. High ropes courseSit on a horse or pony. Raft buildingExperience Geo-caching and orienteering
ENVIORNMENT SKILLS Grow Plants and vegetables to eatSecretGarden Grow Plants and vegetable to cookSecretGarden

There are 24 places at the Breakfast Club and the After School Club available please contact the Primary Office for more details and forms.