Welcome to the Pod!

We are very pleased to welcome you to our Pod family and look forward to working
together to support your child’s learning and development.
We value our parents and families as the
children’s first educators and understand that leaving your child at nursery for the first time can be a difficult transition both for them and for you.  While you will be given a start date, if your child needs further settling visits this is something we will be happy to arrange with you.

What your child will need to bring

A small bag/back pack (no drawstring bags please) containing one
complete change of clothes (more if toilet training!) and enough nappies and wipes for the session if applicable.

Wellington boots and indoor shoes/slippers (they may leave slippers here and wear boots to and from school). Boots are needed in all weathers for water and mud play.

A waterproof coat.

Sun-cream/hat in hot weather.

All labelled with your child’s name please.

Our Daily Routine
(AM/PM Sessions)

8:30/11:45: Children join their key person for a small group activity.
These group times concentrate on being together as a group and building relationships, and getting to know the golden rules. (Between 11:55-12:15 children will play in their base room before going for lunch.)

8:40/12:45: Children come together for collective worship and to make their plan for the day
We say the school prayer together and then talk to each other about what we might do during the session

8:45/12:55 Free flow plan and do
Children are able to choose to work either inside or in the garden – please make sure they have welly boots and spare clothes in all weathers as water and mud play is available. We will not stop children from going outside—if they are not well enough to be outdoors in the fresh air, they should not be in nursery.

At 11:15/14:30 (14:15 on Wednesdays) we will tidy up and come back into groups
This is a time to reflect on our day, share things we have done or made, or have stories together ready to go home.

Please try and arrive to nursery on time to minimise disruption to the children engaged in group times. Sessions finish at 11:30/14:45 (14:30 on Wednesday). Late collection fees apply.


The nursery class children wear the same uniform as the primary school, and some younger children also choose to wear it too:

  • St Gregory the Great Navy School Sweatshirt or Cardigan *
  • Yellow polo shirt
  • Navy Pinafore dress or trousers
  • Yellow Summer dress or St Gregory the Great
  • Yellow T-Shirt* and  navy shorts (optional)
  • Navy Tights, Black or White Socks
    *Available to order from www.brigade.uk.com


Staff and Children at St Greg’s eat together and this is a key time for children and staff to talk and share, to develop a close-knit community. Those children attending the afternoon nursery session can choose to pay for a school lunch (£2.10) or bring in a packed lunch.

Packed lunches need to provide your child with healthy options and a balanced selection of food, e.g. sandwich, wraps, pasta, fruits and vegetables, juice or water. Sweets, chocolate bars, and nuts are not permitted in packed lunches.

Key Person Relationships

We understand that positive and trusting relationships play a massive role in helping a child to feel safe and secure in their surroundings. The Pod nursery operates a key person system. Your child will be assigned a key person before they start for the purpose of home visits and settling in, but we are happy to be led by the child and this will change if they do not bond with that staff member. Each key person also has a buddy group that they work closely with, ensuring that when staff absence occurs a familiar face is always around.

They key person becomes a secure base from which the child will explore the wider
surroundings as they grow in confidence.

Usually by the time children leave nursery they are happy to spend time with any of the adults in the setting, but the key person remains special to them throughout their time at school.