Welcome, to anyone over 18 interested in helping the school.
If you’re looking for the Primary school Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) then you’re in the right place, except that we follow a ‘friends’ of the school model instead. This model acknowledges all varieties of children’s home lives and seeks to integrate the wider community into our school community, including local businesses.

Homepage of the Friends of St Greg’s Primary

Welcome to a whole world of extra-curricular fun! We’ve got home-baked cake sales, raffles, tombolas, random prizes, bargain-priced toy sales, cheap school uniforms, kids’ cinema events, Saturday clubs, picnics, multi-cultural food festivals, Christmas hampers, and our popular 100 Club.
Of course, none of the above actually happens without a little help from our friends, BUT there’s no pressure on you personally. Maybe you could just join our mailing list for now and see how you feel.

We are in the process of officially becoming a charity helping to advance the education of all pupils at Foundation stage, Key Stage 1, and Key Stage 2. That means The Pod nursery, the reception class, Years 1 to 6, ages 1 to 11, Early Years, Infants, Juniors, or whatever you like to call them!
We aim to help as follows:

  1. Encouraging good relationships between staff, families, and the wider community.
  2. Engaging in activities and/or and providing facilities/equipment which support the school.

We would love you to get involved, even if you just join our mailing list to see what‘s going

Current trustees of the Friends charity

Deidre (co-chair)
Deidre (co-chair)

Stephen (co-chair)
Stephen (co-chair)

Marko (treasurer)
Marko (treasurer)

Alex (secretary)
Alex (secretary)

Please feel free to contact us via: thefriendsofstgregs@gmail.com

Next AGM

There will be three meetings on Tuesday, 9th January 2018, each with an identical agenda:

  • 9am (ends by 9:45am) – Morning meeting (FREE COFFEE)
  • 2pm (ends by 2:45pm) – Afternoon meeting (FREE TEA)
  • 7pm (ends by 7:45pm) – Evening meeting (Some FREE WINE)

Anyone over 18 may come along. No need to say anything, but we’d love to hear your views.

Do please contact us via thefriendsofstgregs@gmail.com if you may be interested in becoming a trustee next year.