You may also download this information about shoes as a PDF. St Gregory the Great Catholic School - shoes

Acceptable School Shoes
Shoes must be plain black and should not have a separate heel of more than 30mm in height. Where the shoe has a ‘filled-in’ sole (i.e. the heel and sole are moulded together) then the heel should be no more than 40mm high. Heels such as ‘Kitten heels’ or stilettos are not allowed. (In other words, flat, black, sensible, school shoes, NOT any form of trainer or canvas shoe.)


Unacceptable School Shoes
The reasons for these shoes being unacceptable are: heels or wedges too high (over 40 mm); not plain black; cheap ‘Dolly Style’ shoes are too thin and not supportive enough so they are unsafe; canvas; over decorative; white soles. Boots or trainers are not acceptable.