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Art Artist Themed Portraits James Ensor Masks James Ensor Masks Cont. Pop Art Portraits Who Do You Think You Are? Who Do You Think You Are? Cont.
English Shakespeare:
Romeo and Juliet
Love Poetry Gothic – Frankenstein
and Woman in Black
War Poetry 20th Century Text – The Boy in
Striped Pyjamas/Animal Farm
20th Century Text – Beware of
the Dog
History The Tudors Elizabethan England The Stuarts Empire and Industrial Revolution Slavery Civil Rights
Maths Factors and Powers/Numbers/
Area and Volume
2D Shapes and 3D Solids/
Real Life Graphs/
Expressions and Equations
and Angles
Constructions and
Scale Drawing/
Fractions and
Music African Music Offbeat Variations Jazz Improvisation Recycled Rythms Music and Space
RS Thinking About
God in the
Eastern Religions
Looking at Jewish Beliefs Religion After Jesus: Looking at
Creation Spiritual Journeys: Pilgrimage Choices
Science Nutrition and Digestion Ecological Relationships Photosynthesis and
Waves/Energy Elements, Mixtures and
Compounds/ States of Matter
Rocks and Earth
DT Food Desk Organiser Tape Dispenser Mood Light Monster Toy
Geography Population Continent of Contrast Natural Hazards Natural Hazards Tourism Independent Project
PE Boys Tennis Athletics Football Softball Basketball Cricket
PE Girls Netball OAA Volleyball Gymnastics Basketball Trampolining
French Revision of basics/Descriptions My Neighbourhood/
The Perfect Tense DisneyLand/
Clothes Sports/Body Parts/Illness
German Greetings/Equipment Timetable/School Siblings and Family Personality/
Writing Letters
Family Tree/
Writing to Pen Pals
Home and Neighbourhood