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Art Cubist Style Life Gallery Bags Gallery Bags Cont. Gaudi Houses Gaudi Houses Cont. Expressive Drawing
English Poetry – Browning Novel Extracts 20th Century Novel – Of Mice and
Shakespeare – Merchant of Venice Non-Fiction – As You Like It Unseen Non-Fiction
History WWI Trench Warfare WWI, Home Front and Women’s
Interwar Period and the
The Holocaust and WWII WWII and the Home Front The Cold War and the War on
Maths Number/Algebra Graphs & Charts/Interpreting
Data/Fractions and Percentages
Equations & Sequences/Angles
& Trigonometry
Angles/Graphs Average & Range/Area &
Permieter, Area & Volume/
Transformations & Constructions
Music Popular Song Fanfares Film Music Rock ‘n’ Roll Samba Minimalism
RS Philisophical Thinking: Asking
Big Questions
Inspirational People Relious Practices in Judaism Theology of the Body Catholicism Exam Skills
Science Fit and Healthy/Microbes and
Inheritance and Selection Atomic Structure Metals and their Reactions Environmental
Chemistry/Scientific Enquiry 2
Forces and their
Effects/Pressure and Moments
DT Food Graffiti Bag Desk Clock Adjustable Light Can Opener
Geography Development Money, Money, Money Cold Environments Crime Mega Cities Countries
PE Boys Tennis, Football, Softball, Volleyball, Gaelic Football, Rugby, Table tennis, Crickets, Althletics, BTEC, Badminton
PE Girls Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Fitness, Trampolining, Rounders, Althletics, Tennis
French Personal Details/Food Talking About Sport/The Near
Future Tense
Choosing Subjects/Dream Job Careers/Protecting the
TV Programmes/Film Choosing Holiday Accommodation/
Holidays in Paris
German Weather/Perfect Tense Body Parts/Illness/Christmas Daily Routine/Meal Times Plans and Future Tense Describing a Past Holiday and
School Trip/Modes of Transport
Writing Holiday
Postcards/Travelling by Train