St Gregory the Great is a multicultural, multilingual school. Almost 45% of our students speak one or more languages other than English. They come from approximately 50 countries around the world and speak approximately 80 different languages. Our staff body is also multilingual, speaking 25 languages as first languages in addition to English. This great diversity means that we often have students arriving from other countries for a variety of reasons. Some come for a short time with parents who have been posted; others come to make new lives.

The Bridge

Students who arrive in a new country have to deal with a new culture and a new language. They need both pastoral and language support at school in order to begin the process of acculturation and formal education. In The Bridge our aim is to decrease the stress of transition, and to integrate students into our school community through the use of appropriate banded intervention.

First Languages

Students are able to sit GCSE and A Level exams in their first languages, if they wish. Please speak to the Exams Officer Mrs Conway, who will advise you on costs and will book the exam for you.

Support from Magdalen College

Tuesday’s after school ten A* Sixth Formers from Magdalen College School come to St Gregory the Great to support the learning of our students, and also to help them have fun by playing educational games. In this way, learning and social skills are developed by their peers. We invite all students along to this, and encourage students with English as an additional language to take advantage of the help from these students.

Prep Club

After school Monday to Thursday 3.10-5.00pm students are invited to come along to The Bridge where we are running a club for students who wish to get more support with their learning. We warmly invite all students to attend this club and take advantage of having the extra support after school from our dedicated members of staff.