Year 11 PPE Timetable
There will be Pre-Public Exams (PPEs) for year 11 students in the week beginning 13th November. You can support your child by making sure they know when and where each of their exams is. Students sit PPEs under the same conditions as the external exams in the summer. All exams take place during normal school hours.

Period 1 and 2 Period 3 and 4 Period 5
Monday 13th Nov
Sports Hall
English Literature (1hr 30mins) RE (1hr 45mins) Physics (1hr)
Tuesday 14th Nov
Conference Room
Geography (2hr) Product Design (1hr)
Food (1hr)
Wednesday 15th Nov
Sports Hall
Maths (1hr 30mins) English Language (1hr 45mins) Law (1hr)
Thursday 16th Nov
Sports Hall
Biology (1hr)
Chemistry (1hr)
Maths (1hr 30mins) Law (1hr)
Friday 17th Nov
Sports Hall
History (1hr 45mins) Maths (1hr 30mins) French (1hr)
German (1hr)