Our lively library is based both physically and literally at the heart of the school!

The Library is a large and colourful space which seeks to embed a love of reading through lessons and book related activities.

KS3 students receive reading for pleasure lessons and the whole school population is encouraged to make use of our excellent resources before, during and after school. We open every morning at 0800 and close 1630 Mon-Thursday and at 1530 on Fridays.

We have three rooms that can be used for multiple uses – a relaxed reading zone, a classroom/group work area and a silent study room which houses the library computers. Students are supported with an ever increasing range of stock, including books, magazines and academic journals.

Search the library collection here.

KS4 Suggested Reads

Opening times

Monday 0800-1630

Tuesday 0800-1630

Wednesday 0800-1630

Thursday 0800-1630

Friday 0800-1530