Working with a year groupA St Gregory the Great pupil hard at work

The Heads of Year groups have oversight of a specific year group, and work closely with form tutors and pastoral leaders to ensure the wellbeing of students, as well as monitoring their academic progress. They work closely with Heads of Department and Heads of Faculty to resolve any issues concerning the learning or behaviour of children in their year group.

Monitoring progress

The Head of Year will keep a close eye on the progress of individual students, and in particular on those students whose form tutors or pastoral leaders raise them as a matter of concern. They may place children on a Director of Learning report, which can be physical or electronic, and which will help them to track a child’s progress in a particular area.

The Heads of Year are trained in data analysis and will evaluate children’s progress against national standards and the school’s own targets for that year group. They are responsible for ensuring that form tutors report appropriately to parents at parents’ evenings, and will also monitor the delivery of the school’s tutorial programme and assembly programme in their year group.

Monitoring Behaviour

Heads of Year take responsibility for the ways in which behaviour can affect progress, and so they may ask to meet parents to discuss behaviour. As school leaders, they can also be involved with reintegration following a fixed-term exclusion or internal isolation, particularly when it come to setting appropriate targets that will help students to succeed in the future.

If you are unable to resolve an issue about your child’s progress by talking to their form tutor, or subject teacher, or if you are concerned that your child is experiencing problems across several subjects, then contacting the Head of Year would be an appropriate step to take. They are there to support parents as well as students.

Our current Head of Year for each year group are as follows:

Year 7: Mr Reidy –
Year 8: Mr Fourie –
Year 9: Mr O’Hanlon –
Year 10: Miss Anderson –
Year 11: Mr Monks –