Each day we provide meals of a good standard at a very reasonable cost to parents. The restaurant is a focal point of the school at lunchtime. There, staff and students enjoy a variety of popular dishes in a relaxed atmosphere. This meal is regarded as a very important part of the school day and all students are encouraged to have school lunch. Vegetarian options are available daily. The catering manager is pleased to meet any student’s special requirements after discussion with his/her parents.

Download the Autumn-Winter 2017-18 menu here.

In Secondary, there are also snacks available in the canteen at break time.

Our restaurant operates a “cashless catering system”.  This means that every pupil has an account that can be credited with money to spend on food and drinks.  This can be done online via ParentMail.

Pupils who are eligible for free school meals are sometimes worried that everyone will know and that they will look “different”.  Credit for free school meals is automatically put onto your account and you “pay” with your thumb print like everyone else.

If you are eligible for free school meals, or think that you might be, it is very important that you apply for them, even if you don’t think you will actually take them. For every pupil who is registered for free school meals, the school is able to claim a special amount of money called “Pupil Premium”.  We can spend this on improving the school for you.