St Gregory the Great's distinctive uniform helps students identify with the values of our community, including fairness, equality, and the pursuit of excellence. It looks smart, it’s value for money and it’s appropriate for classrooms, labs, workshops and sports.

Our uniform shops sell at the best possible prices. Please see the bottom of this page for shop links.

St Gregory the Great Secondary School Uniform

Blazer with school logo*
School tie*
White shirt with collar
Navy pair of school trousers with school logo* OR
Navy knee length navy skirt with school logo* (girls)
Plain socks or navy/ black tights

Shoes must be plain black, low heels (maximum heel height 5cm) and of formal design. No trainers.

Optional clothing:
Navy jumper with school logo* (can be worn under blazer)
Warm, waterproof coat in cold weather
Cultural head coverings should be plain blue or black


PE Kit

Navy/Sky Polo Shirt with logo*
Navy/Sky shorts or skort (girls)*
Navy blue socks
Navy tracksuit bottoms*(optional)
Navy/Sky hooded top with logo* (optional) 
Leggings* (girls, optional)


Notes on uniform and other equipment

The following are not appropriate for school and are not permitted:

  • Hoodies
  • Obvious make up/nail varnish
  • Jewellery (other than a watch and/or crucifix)
  • Coloured T-Shirts, even if under shirts – they don’t look smart
  • Students must keep their hair tidy and of reasonable length - this should not be exceptionally short or long. Hair dyed in unnatural or varied colours is not permitted, nor are extravagant hairstyles.
  • Shoes must be plain black, low heels (maximum heel height 5cm) and of formal design. Trainers are only worn for PE. Black leather trainers are not acceptable school shoes. White or coloured logos or coloured laces are not appropriate for school.

All items should be clearly marked with the student’s name. This allows us to return lost items, so you don’t have to pay to replace them.

Students who arrive to school in incorrect uniform will be sent home to change, or will work in isolation from other students. We also have a ready supply of second hand uniform which we can provide on a temporary basis if necessary. If your child arrives out of uniform, her/his Head of Year will follow this up with you. If there is an unavoidable problem with uniform, please tell us by writing a note in your child’s planner.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are not allowed in school. If they are seen or heard they will be confiscated. Read the mobile phone policy.

Buy School Uniform

All items with a * must be ordered from a uniform supplier.

We have two uniform suppliers, each supply all uniform items:
Stevensons and Price & Buckland.

Students starting Year 7 in September 2018 should order from Price & Buckland for correct kit.

Orders with Price & Buckland must be placed by the 20th August to ensure delivery before the start of term.

Stevensons offer a fitting appointment booking system. Click here for more information.


A current price list can be viewed on their websites.