Please find below your introductions and/or summer work for your chosen Sixth Form lessons. This work is to be completed for the start of your course in September.

AS Biology

AS Biology Summer Work

AS Biology

AS Business L3

Business L3 selection task

AS Chemistry

AS Chemistry 1.1 Exercise 1 – Atomic symbols (MH)

AS Chemistry1.2 Exercise 1 – Using moles and reacting masses (MH)

Chemsheets AS 1010 (Identify the particle)

Chemsheets AS 1002 (Atoms and ions 1)

AS English Language

AS English Language

AS English Language Introduction power point

AS English Literature

AS English Literature

AS Film Studies

AS Film Studies summer work

AS History

AS cold war summer work (1)

AS Tudors History Intro Work & Summer Task

AS Maths

AS Maths summer work

AS Philosophy

AS Philosophy & Ethics

AS Psychology

AS Psychology summer project