In 2016, the progress made by sixth form students was significantly above national levels. The school’s information shows that current students are making similarly strong progress.

The proportion of students who improve their grades when they retake GCSE English in the sixth form is much higher than national levels.
Ofsted Report 2016

At St Gregory the Great’s Sixth Form:

    1. Our students make excellent, positive Academic Progress, which includes A Levels.  On average our students make a third of a grade more progress here than other students nationally.
    2. In English and Maths GCSE retakes our students in the sixth form make significantly more progress than students in the County and Nationally.  Our students achieve almost a whole grade higher than their peers in other schools across the county and country.
    3. We have a significant percentage above the national average of students who stay in education and employment when they leave our sixth form.

This information is published as part of the Department for Education’s School Performance Service.

A-Level Results 2017 Overall Academic Applied
Progress Score : +0.15 +0.17 +0.31
Progress in GCSE English retake: +0.86
Progress in GCSE Maths retake: +0.66
Average Result: C- C- Dist+
Students staying in education or employment for at least two terms after 16-18 study: 93%
Students completing their main program of study:  94.8%