Following our excellent A-level results last week, St Gregory the Great School students are celebrating improved results today at GCSE for the second year in a row, with national success for one of our most outstanding candidates, who has been singled out as one of the highest achieving students in the country.

This is the first year in which the new 1-9 grades have been put in place for English, English Literature and Maths, with the ‘9’ grade representing a ‘double A*’ grade higher than the current A*, in the context of a more demanding exam. It is also the first year in which many exams no longer have coursework, meaning a more stringent test for many students.

We are delighted to say that many of our students have achieved not only As and A*s but also achieved this new grade 9 (A**) in impressive numbers. Our top results are the best that we have ever seen, with many students achieving multiple A* grades, some across all their subjects.

Particular praise should go to the following students: Arthur Conmy, who achieved a remarkable result of 13 A*, including 3 grade 9s (A**), William Godfrey who achieved 12A*, including 3 grade 9s, and Vania Lay, Aoife Conway-Maher and Ines Cropper de Andres, who all achieved 10A*s, including grade 9s. Similarly, Emily Reeve achieved 9A*s including 3 grade 9s, Carmen Powell achieved 8A*s with 2 grade 9s, Aleks Besevic achieved 8A*s, Athina Herrera achieved 7A*s with 2 grade 9s, and Megan Linkfield, Julianna Malicay and Michelle Lui all achieved 10 grades all at A or A*. In addition, Alana Bennett, Zane Porter, Shanoor Shujaa, Stan Majewski, Eli Afanu, Aisha Khanam, and Corin Parker all achieved wonderful results, getting grades ranging from A*-B across every subject they took.

Our highest-achieving student, Arthur Conmy, not only achieved remarkable results across all his subjects but also received the accolade of a special letter from the examining board to let us know that he had achieved one of the highest results in Further Maths in the country. Arthur achieved full marks in this very challenging exam, designed to test students who were aiming for an A* with distinction. As one of only nine students to achieve full marks, out of more than 19,000 who took the exam, he was congratulated for his outstanding achievement in a personal letter from the Head of Curriculum for AQA that recognizes him as one of ‘the best young mathematicians’ in the country, showing ‘exceptional ability’.

While we are delighted by the excellent performance of our highest attaining students, we are also pleased to have managed to improve the outcomes for all students, increasing the number of students in the school who score A*-C in five subjects overall to 59%, up by 9% from last year. Our English and Maths results have both improved by 4%, despite the new and challenging exams, with more of our students sharing in exam success.

Congratulations to all students for their hard work! We look forward to seeing them as they return to us in the autumn to start their sixth form studies.

Dr Marcella McCarthy
August 2017