Dear Parents / Carers
Year 11 Students: Attendance Expectations until 15th June 2018

We are writing to remind you of the following:

  • In line with national requirements for secondary schools, all year 11 students are required to attend school from morning registration (8.45 am) until the end of the school day (3.10 pm) including once GCSE examinations commence.
  • Once examinations commence, students will be in school either sitting an examination, or attending their timetabled lessons where examination preparation, revision and question practice will continue. There is no ‘study leave’ as this contravenes the legal requirements placed on schools regarding pupil attendance.
  • Morning examinations start at 9.00 am and afternoon examinations at 1.30pm. For examinations, students should assemble at the exam venue, the sports hall usually unless you have been told it is the conference room. Where students do not have an exam they attend lessons as normal.

Students will be aware from their PPEs that the school makes the necessary arrangements to offer appropriate breaks if the timings of the examinations clash with scheduled breaks. So it may be the case that after a lengthy morning examination, students would be dismissed to the Dining Room prior to commencing their next lesson. We recommend all students bring a clear plastic bottle of water as well as the necessary equipment for their examinations.

From 15th June, students will only be expected to attend school for GCSE examinations and revision lesson that are relevant to them, although facilities for supervised independent study will be available until the end of the examination season on 29th June.

The GCSE timetable is on the school website. Please take time to look at this with your son/daughter to help them schedule revision around their examinations.

Finally, a reminder that you are welcome to attend the Year 11 Leavers Service at 12 noon on Friday 22nd June which for a number of students will be their last such occasion. The School Prom is on 4th July. Students attending enough revision sessions will have rewards linked with this.


Mr S Tucker
Acting Head of School