Dear Parent/Carer

You may be aware from the national media that the UK Students Climate Network are planning a Youth Strike this Friday 15th February from 11.00 – 14.00 as a protest against climate change, as it potentially affects their future.

At St Gregory the Great Catholic School we are proactively trying to protect our environment through initiatives like our recycling and educating our students about ways society can help to sustain our planet. We understand that many of our students are rightfully very concerned about issues surrounding climate change and we applaud their desire to make a difference for their generation and those which follow. Many parents/carers will share their enthusiasm to do something positive about this issue. This will also be true about many school staff.

However, as a school we have a responsibility to provide education and safeguard our students, as such we would not be in a position to endorse the strike/demonstration event but recognise we have a duty within our school to help students to understand the issues, express their views and be heard.

Our school will operate as usual on Friday. Teachers will teach their classes and students will not miss out on their education.

Yours sincerely

Sean Tucker
(Acting Head of School)